Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education

  • 2.5 to 6

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Palm Harbor Montessori Teacher Education Center - Florida - Beijing

PHMTEC works to present authentic Montessori.

PHMTEC Graduate, Dana V. Says:

"PHMTEC's small class sizes allow for focused instruction and in-depth conversations. We can ask questions, spend more or less time on topics as needed, and really dig into the materials. Nothing is rushed, yet no time is wasted."

Greg S. Says:

"Thank you."  I recently found myself sharing a Montessori lesson with some colleagues who were intrigued by the work I am doing with the children.  As I began to demonstrate the lesson I was immediately reminded of your careful attention to detail, isolation of movements, and patient-slow fluidity of movement. In my minds-eye, I was recalling your many lessons and trying to mimic your style and attention to detail.  A calmness overtook me as I proceeded with purpose of movement.  I have strived to maintain such integrity and purpose for every lesson with the children over the past 4 years, and am not altogether sure why this time the memory of training was so profound.  But in any case, I am grateful for the memory.  Again, "thank you" for sharing your passion for Montessori and your experience with children with me.


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