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Seminars continue through the Practicum Phase. Graduate July 2019.

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I wanted to take an opportunity to say "Thank you." I recently found myself sharing a Montessori lesson with some colleagues who were intrigued by the work I am doing with the children. As I began to demonstrate the lesson I was immediately reminded of your careful attention to detail, isolation of movements, and patient-slow fluidity of movement. In my minds-eye, I was recalling your many lessons and trying to mimic your style and attention to detail. A calmness overtook me as I roceeded with purpose of movement. I have strived to maintain such integrity and purpose for every lesson with the children over the past 4 years, and am not altogether sure why this time the memory of training was so profound. But in any case, I am grateful for the memory. Again, "thank you" for sharing your passion for Montessori and your experience with children with me. 


Greg Shean


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